I logged in to Godaddy.com to change a domain and guess what?. All the domains were missing.

I call customer service, they say I deleted the domains but wouldn’t confirm the IP from which it was deleted

"Godaddy is a large business and we track millions of customers across the world, so we don’t possibly store the IP or region or computer name from which the domain names were deleted "

Another one says,”I didn’t say we don’t save this data, it is just that I don’t have access to it”.

Okay - I keep saying, I didn’t delete it. I deleted the debit cards that were on file so its possible that Godaddy possibly deleted all my domains along with my debit cards but no - the agent on phone doesn’t accept that’s what actually happened. 

"We will restore all of your domains except one domain which was about to expire - we have already released that and it costs $80 to restore it". 

Me - “So you’re holding my property Illegally and asking me to pay money to release it”

Agent - “Sir that’s the charge the registrar charges …we can come halfway and discount $40”

Me - “Why did you release a domain that belonged to me..the registration was still active. And two days before the domain expired, I renewed the .co domain at $30 for a year”.

The agent, “Since the domain was close to expiry so we released it”.

Me - “So you released my private property back to the registrar without reconfirming even though to me at that at that moment”.

Agent - “Yes - You cancelled it”

Me - “But the other domains are still intact”

Agent - “Yes but the last domain was nearing expiry, so we released it”

Me- “But I just renewed that like 2 days ago, which means it should not have been released”

Agent - “Doesn’t matter. You cancelled it again”.

After nearly 30 mins of argument, the agent doesn’t relent. He offers to give a discount but will effectively charge me $30 + $11 for the domain including registration. 

I remember that I requested them to “unlock” that domain so that I could transfer it to Namecheap.com. I never got to transferring it but Godaddy either has a serious issue with their system or have found a way to make a quick buck out of customers abandoning ship. 

To think of it, they might have done more harm by shutting down my key domains by simply releasing (my private property) back to the registrar. 

I cannot believe that this day and age, someone could be so cheap with their own long term customers. I’ve learned a valuable business today and that is to never trust a company like Godaddy ever again. 

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